The Conservancy participates in and helps fund research projects that support the conservation of species covered by the Plan. In addition to these broad research efforts, the Conservancy runs a research grant program. These grants are awarded every other year in a 2-year cycle. The next grant cycle is expected to open in early 2023.

Science and Research Grant Program

The Conservancy's Science and Research Grant Program funds research that endeavors to illuminate, and where possible to resolve, uncertainties associated with management of the natural communities and species covered by the HCP. Research selected for funding will aid in achieving the biological goals and objectives of the Plan and inform management actions and/or contribute to the general understanding of a covered species. Such research will generally relate to the following: 

  • Efficacy of natural community enhancement/creation/restoration techniques
  • Refining ecological requirements of covered species
  • Response of covered species and natural communities to implementation of management actions within the Preserve System
  • Strategies to conduct management or monitoring actions that support and/or lead to better management of natural communities or covered species

List of Potential Pilot Research Ideas from Plan

2021 Request for Proposals