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Application Materials

Planning Survey Report Application (DOCX)

Attachment to Planning Survey Report Application Checklist (DOCX)

2021 Fee Calculators for all projects, except for those in the City of Brentwood:

Until the City of Brentwood adopts the Periodic Fee Audit, projects within the City of Brentwood 2021 Fee Calculators are below: 

Please note fees are automatically adjusted annually by March 15 of each year according to the HPI and CPI. Periodic fee audits are also conducted and fees are adjusted accordingly. 

Most recently, the ECCC HCP/NCCP mitigation fees were adjusted on February 25, 2021, pursuant to the cost indices and formulas prescribed in the HCP/NCCP. Please find the Fee Adjustment Summary at the link below. The Fee Calculators, once updated for 2022, will replace the ones provided above. 

Annual Mitigation Fee Adjustment Summary (PDF)

Additional Resources for Applicants

Please also see Implementation Policies.